Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Really Cool Authors I Discovered

Hello all.

I am hard at work on my second and third books. I have so much to talk about. But enough about me, this blog, I wanted to talk about some really cool authors that I discovered.
One of them is Jamie McGuire, whose is the author of 'Beautiful Disaster', and 'Providence', which at last check were climbing the charts on, and 'Providence' was #98 on the Amazon's Top 100 List. That is quite an accomplishment.
Another really cool author that I have discovered so far is Sara Cannon, author of the 'Peachville High Demons' series. Her books are also among the Top 100 on Amazon.
There are many others, and to make my blog a little more interesting (there's only so much about me I want to talk about) I will talk about authors that I think are cool.

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