Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Lazy Sunday

It was well into the afternoon and I must say, I was tired. It was one of those lazy Sunday afternoons. Irene Metcalf and myself had decided that we would just lay out by the pool and soak in the sweet summer sunshine... that is, until Jeffrey Adams decided to grace us with his presence.
Jeffrey had to be the hottest guy in the tenth grade, and he was at my house, standing by my pool. How cool.
But this day, Jeffrey wasn't alone. He had brought his kid brother Jason with him. Why? We would never know.
Irene was my best friend. The two of us had been through everything together. We got our periods together. Got out our ears pierced together. Heck, we even got our first kisses together.
Irene had a mad crush on Jeffrey and everybody in the school knew it.
Everybody knew this, except for Jeffrey. To him, Irene was just a cool girl that he had the honor of knowing.
That too would change soon.
"Hey Jeff, want some lemonade?" I asked, lowering my sunglasses so that he could see my bright blue eyes.
Jeff nodded. "That'd be cool," he said as he took a seat in a patio chair next to Irene.
I saw her face go red all over.
I told them I'd be back, then headed into the house to get the lemonade.
What I saw standing in the kitchen made me nearly drop the glass.

***Just felt like writing today. Hope you like it. I will add more as I get time.****
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Really Cool Authors I Discovered

Hello all.

I am hard at work on my second and third books. I have so much to talk about. But enough about me, this blog, I wanted to talk about some really cool authors that I discovered.
One of them is Jamie McGuire, whose is the author of 'Beautiful Disaster', and 'Providence', which at last check were climbing the charts on, and 'Providence' was #98 on the Amazon's Top 100 List. That is quite an accomplishment.
Another really cool author that I have discovered so far is Sara Cannon, author of the 'Peachville High Demons' series. Her books are also among the Top 100 on Amazon.
There are many others, and to make my blog a little more interesting (there's only so much about me I want to talk about) I will talk about authors that I think are cool.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Clueless in Michigan

Hi Guys,

Shay here. This week I learned an ugly truth: books don't sell themselves. So I would like to pose a question to you readers out there, what are some things that attracts you or entices you to read books by certain authors. Is it the book description? Is it the book cover? Is it 'My friend read it, so I'm going to read it too?' Please share.

And book promotion: How do you truly promote a book?

On another note,

I am hard at work on my second book. I already have the cover designed and I will be releasing sneak peeks to the book soon. Let's just say that this book is the first in a series of books.

Okay, here's what I would like for you to do:
Send me your suggestions on what can be done to get to the readers. What are your tips and tricks of the trade?
Send your suggestions to

I will feature your responses on my blog, and on my facebook page as well.