Monday, May 23, 2011

This road as a new author

OMG! That's what I am thinking as I embark on this road a new author. Especially as an ebook author.
While ebook publishing may seem easy, trust me, the same amount of blood, sweat and tears goes into an ebook as does a paperback or hardcover book.

OMG! I wish I had known that I should have been marketing six months ago, in preparation for the release date, which for now has been pushed back a week due to a conflict with my editor's schedule and mine. Darn holidays.

Anyways, I guess I should be happy. In a few days I, Anna 'Shay' Collins, will become a published author. (Yes, that's my full name)

I have so much to learn. Like, how I can tweet from my cell phone. How can I update my status on Facebook when I update my tweets from my cell phone.

I can respond to emails, while updating my Facebook status, while tweeting, all on my cell phone. (Cell phones are AMAZING)

I have learned that I can create an app all about me and my books (Not that I'm that vain....or am I? I don't know)

But I am so truly happy about all the support I am receiving lately. I have found a blog that offers some great help about this whole publishing process. You can read it here.

I am also learning that you can follow people's blogs. You can follow anything these days. ;)

Well, that's enough random thoughts from me today. But if you do have a blog, let's follow each other. I think that would be cool;)




  1. Congratulations on your first novel! That's so exciting! I'll be looking out for it. ;) And I wish my cellphone did all of those things, it's four years old and I can text and that's about it. :p I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your blog! I hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. Thanks Loren! Your blog is so cool by the way. I hope you have a wonderful week as well.